10+ Pics That Can Light Up Our Day Like Magic

Nothing surpasses the joy derived from a blend of adorable pictures featuring newborns, playful cats, or a dog striking poses during a maternity shoot. Research has actually demonstrated that viewing charming and amusing pet photos can uplift your spirits and boost cognitive performance. “Dr. Zonkers likes to hug thumbs and be adorable.” “Archie taking his favorite sloth … Read more

8 Pics Of Oversized Objects That Will Make You Wonder If You Have “Megalophobia”

The Most Spectacular But Eerie Effect Was Produced By Towering Thunder Clouds That Were Photographed During A Sunset Infinite Lavender Field In Valensole, South Of France Comet 67p/C-G Compared To The City Of Los Ángeles Bagger 288 Excavator Just Imagine Going Hiking In The Woods And Coming Across This Beast A Minnesota Woman Recently Captured … Read more

12 Pics Showing The Inventories Of Emergency Services From All Over The World

When we were children, we all enjoyed playing with those sets that included emergency vehicles, miniature police officers and firefighters, along with their gear. Now, there’s a growing trend called “knolling” that allows us to revisit those nostalgic moments, and it’s catching on among emergency services worldwide. Switzerland Police Geneva Fire And Rescue Service (Sis), … Read more

Under-Dogs: Artist Photographs Dogs From Underneath

Photographer Andrius Burba came up with a very unique idea: taking portraits of animals but from below. “For the Under-dogs project, I have designed a specially manufactured glass table in order to photograph bigger dogs. After capturing Under-dogs, I decided to go full-time on the following projects of Underlook. In our future plans – Tigers.” … Read more