10 Celebrities and Their Lookalikes Spotted Online

Have you ever encountered someone bearing such a striking resemblance to you that it made you ponder whether they could be your long-lost twin? If you haven’t come across any of your doppelgangers so far, don’t despair, for the world houses over 7 billion people, increasing the likelihood that you might eventually cross paths with your lookalike, either in person or through online encounters. Keep looking!

“Myself And James Franco…”

“Andrew Zimmern And Myself At The 2019 Sobewff”

Angelina Jolie Look-Alike

Look-Alike And Jennifer Aniston

So Apparently Snape Works At American Airlines

That Time Adam Sandler Discovered His Doppelganger On Reddit And Invited Him To A Film Premier

Vincent Van Gogh Double

I Work In A Kitchen. You Have No Idea How Many People Say ‘You Look Like The Guy From Ratatouille’. Every Damn Minute

My Friend’s Dad Is Asian Danny Devito

My Friend’s Egyptian Professor Looks Like Einstein