10 Impressive Photos Showing The Endless Power Of Time

The floor of a barber’s shop rubbed out from walking around the chair

“My father’s pocketknife that he carried for 40+ years compared to a new one”

The Angels Landing hike at Zion National Park

“The local place I play ping pong at hasn’t changed the tables in 20 years.”

The Worn Marble Steps That Lead To The Top Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Life Cycle Of A Penny

Sun Damage After 28 Years Of Driving A Delivery Truck

My Grandfather Has Carried This Silver Dollar In His Pocket Since 1952

Footprints Are Carved Into The Floorboards By Monk Who Has Prayed At The Same Spot For 20 Years

“My Radio Button Has Worn Out To Be A Victorian Portrait”