10+ Pics That Can Light Up Our Day Like Magic

Nothing surpasses the joy derived from a blend of adorable pictures featuring newborns, playful cats, or a dog striking poses during a maternity shoot. Research has actually demonstrated that viewing charming and amusing pet photos can uplift your spirits and boost cognitive performance.

“Dr. Zonkers likes to hug thumbs and be adorable.”

“Archie taking his favorite sloth for an adventure”

“Doing their best to cuddle while wearing their cones of shame”

“My doggo is watching The Office.”

“Kitty loves gaming with his dad.”

Friendship means you’re always ready to help.

Bonus: This little guy fell asleep in a basket with his golden retriever puppies.

People in Turkey saving a dog that suffered from tear gas during protests

These 2 guys from Norway risked their lives to save a lamb from the ocean:

Animals can melt our hearts.