10 Young World Leaders Before They Became Popular

Let’s peer into the past and catch a rare view of leaders from different parts of the world before they transformed into all-powerful figures.

Joseph Stalin As A Young Man, 1902

Young Bill Clinton Shaking Hands With President John F. Kennedy In The Rose Garden Of The White House. July 24, 1963

Eighteen-year-old Princess Elizabeth Of England During Her Time In The Auxiliary Territorial Service During WWII Where She Drove And Repaired Heavy Vehicles, 1945

Vladimir Putin As A Young Teenager, 1966

Young Barack Obama Smoking A Joint

John F. Kennedy At Age 10, Hair Slicked Back, 1927

Richard Nixon Is Shown As A Member Of The Whittier College Football Squad In Whittier, CA, 1930s

Young Donald Trump In New York’s Military Academy

Angela Merkel Prepares A Meal On A Campfire While Camping With Friends In Himmelpfort, German Democratic Republic In July 1973

Young Nelson Mandela In 1961