12 Pics Showing The Inventories Of Emergency Services From All Over The World

When we were children, we all enjoyed playing with those sets that included emergency vehicles, miniature police officers and firefighters, along with their gear. Now, there’s a growing trend called “knolling” that allows us to revisit those nostalgic moments, and it’s catching on among emergency services worldwide.

Switzerland Police

Geneva Fire And Rescue Service (Sis), Switzerland

Firefighters From Kazerne Rotterdam-Frobenstraat, The Netherlands

Dutch Fire Truck

The Police In Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Contents Of A Boxer MRAV Of The Royal Netherlands Army

Netherland’s Emergency Services

KNRM Station Hoek Van Holland Lifeboat

Here’s What Goes Into A New Zealand Police Car

Julianadorp Beach Lifeguards, The Netherlands

Sengkang Fire Station, Singapore

Fire Department Entfelden-Muhen