12 Things No One Wants To Hear But Are Absolute Truths

Not long ago, a Reddit user posed a query that remains perpetually pertinent to society. They inquired, “What is an undeniable truth that nobody wishes to acknowledge?” This question attracted a multitude of participants who joined the discussion to expose the uncomfortable truths they acknowledge as accurate, yet actively avoid contemplating.

1. There is always someone better than you

2. Money can actually make your life happier.

3. Everyone’s a hypocrite. Even you.

4. Life is easier for attractive people.

5. Everyone you love will die. Everyone you hate will die. Everything ends.

6. Sometimes, you are the toxic person

7. Just because you’ve been doing something longer than other people doesn’t mean you’re better at it (driving, job role, sports etc)

8. You are always replaceable.

9. We don’t know everything and probably never will.

10. You aren’t special.

11. There’s going to be a day where you are totally forgotten by everyone.

12. Just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean they are a good person.