15 Tough Trees That Managed To Survive Through The Harshest Conditions

Trees have existed for approximately 370 million years, and as evident from these remarkable images, there’s a compelling explanation for their enduring presence over such an extensive period.

Life,Uh… Finds A Way

A Place Of Enchantment

This Palm Tree Fell Over And Curved Right Back Up

The Only Tree That Survived The Tsunami In Japan Between 70,000 Trees. Today Protected And Restored

This Tree Fell Over And Grew 4 More Trees Out Of Itself

Tree Of Life – Olympic National Park, Washington

A Tree’s Root Spill Over The Sidewalk

Nature FTW

I Found A Tree Growing Through Speed Limit Sign

This Tree That Refuses To Die

Life Finds A Way

Tree Roots Extend Across A Gap To The Mainland For Nutrients

Ta Promh Temple In Cambodia

Life Will Always Find A Way

My Grandpa Hung His Skates On A Small Tree When He Was Younger. He Forgot He Had Left Them There And Found Them Years Later