6 Useful Tips On How To Tell Apart Real And Fake Products

1. Examine the stitching on your clothing and footwear.

The quality of genuine and expensive products also differs. Genuine products will have cleaner and tighter stitching than their counterfeit counterparts.

2. Thoroughly Examine clothing tags.

Fake manufacturers frequently employ low-quality production equipment, resulting in poorly sewn tags and labels. Pay close attention to the small things.

3. Look at the screen quality when looking for cellphones

When examining the screen, one should keep in mind that it shouldn’t be coarse or grainy. This kind of thing happens when a low-resolution panel is used.

The picture shouldn’t be blurry.

4. Watch how the logo appears on a mobile device.

The logo on a fake product will be reproduced incorrectly or will be splotchy. You may compare the original logo on your phone to the device in question.

5. No contact details

If the manufacturer’s physical address, email, phone number or contact details are not on the product or packaging, this should be cause for concern. It is best to avoid such products.

6. Unauthorized centers

It is best to purchase electronics, appliances, gadgets and branded items from authorized retailers, approved sellers and genuine branded outlets.