7 Side-By-Side Images Comparing James Webb And Hubble Space Telescopes

To say that the upcoming release of images from the James Webb Telescope is causing excitement would be a pretty big understatement.

The images, taken by NASA’s $13 billion James Webb Space Telescope, have previously been captured by the Hubble Telescope, but show a much more complex picture of the universe.

Webb’s mirror is nearly three times bigger than Hubble’s, and Webb is able to capture the universe in the infrared spectrum, while Hubble largely captures images at visible and ultraviolet light.

Southern Ring Nebula

First, the nebula as captured by Hubble:

Compared to one of the two images of the nebula released yesterday as captured by Webb:

Stephan’s Quintet

Below is Stephan’s Quintet as captured by Hubble:

Compared to one of the two images released today as captured by Webb:

Carina Nebula

Hubble has captured many photos of the Carina Nebula in the past, but the one below is the most similar to the one that Webb captured:

It’s a beautiful photo, but Webb’s view below shows a staggaring amount more detail and many more stars that were previously unknown to scientists.

SMACS 0723 – James Webb Space Telescope (Left) versus Hubble Telescope (Right)