8 Important Historical Photos That Are Not Commonly Seen

We may read volumes upon volumes of history books and make our teachers proud. But there’s nothing more all-telling than real pictures that document wonders of the past.

Cop Stops The Traffic In New York So A Mother Cat Holding A Kitten Can Cross Safely C.1925

One Of The Earliest Photos Showing A Native American With A Wolf – Unlike The Myths Created About Wolves By Settlers, Indians Maintained A Close And Respectful Relationship With Wolves

Harlem Grocer Standing In Front Of His Store, 1937

Japanese Couple Taking A Mirror Selfie, 1920s

On February 8th, 1943, Nazis Hung 17-Year-Old Lepa Radić For Being A Yugoslavian Partisan During World War II. When They Asked Her The Names Of Her Companions, She Replied: “You Will Know Them When They Come To Avenge Me.”

Mother And Daughter Taking A Walk In New York City, 1970

22-Year-Old Wasp Pilot Shirley Slade In Her Flying Helmet, Goggles, And Gloves, 1943

Photograph Showing Inventor Charles S.l Baker And His Assistant Demonstrating Heating/Radiator System. 1906