Photo Series Documents Women Before And After Becoming A Mom (8 Photos)

Being a mother is one of the biggest responsibility one can bestow upon themselves, so it’s no wonder that becoming one can change you physically and psychologically. To highlight this change, Lithuanian photographer Vaida Razmislavičė created a project called “Becoming a mother” where she photographed women before and after becoming mothers. More info: | Facebook | Instagram

This Baby Zebra Was Born With Dots Instead Of Stripes – First Time Ever Captured (5 Pics)

This zebra foal was born with spots instead of the characteristic stripes of the species. A rare baby, the spotted baby zebra has become an online sensation and has increased tourism in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. The polka dot appearance comes from a genetic disorder called pseudo-melanism where animals display an abnormality in their … Read more

This Is What Each Planet Of The Solar System Sounds Like

NASA has previously captured the unearthly sounds of the solar system, through radio emissions that scientists have converted into sound waves. The recordings are processed from interactions between solar wind and the ionospheres of each planet, then converted to audio. Hear the chilling cacophony of plasma waves, the mighty bellow of Jupiter, the gusty howl of … Read more

7 Gravity Defying Photos That Require A Second Look

Mountain Goats Don’t Give A Sh*t About Your Gravity Ice Mold Staying In Place After Driving Away Pic Of Noodles At -60°C: Concordia Research Station, Antarctica Bro, Do You Even Inertia? Windy Day In The Northeast Caused These Icicles To Form Sideways Who Needs Thumbs, When You’ve Got Things Handled The Way My Cup Broke