Photographer Takes Spectacular Portraits at Native American Powwows

A photographer, Clark Dunbar, became captivated by the individuals he encountered at Native American powwows and subsequently produced a collection of stunning portraits. His initial aim was to refresh his portfolio with images of American Indians adorned in traditional attire. He expressed to PetaPixel that after participating in a powwow, he became thoroughly engrossed in … Read more

7 ‘Hidden’ Features Of Everyday Things Explained

Here, we have compiled a list of everyday things whose hidden potential can be extremely handy. The copper buttons on your jeans are called rivets. They are placed at specific points that are most likely to tear apart from strain or movement. The little holes in the windows of airplanes regulate air pressure difference between … Read more

Now These Are The Sights We Don’t Get To See Everyday

“The remains of this hammer stuck in asphalt” A rare optic phenomenon “I grew a perfectly square salt crystal.” “We found neighboring houses with the same colors as our jackets.” “Half of our birch is green and half-yellow.” “This randomly illuminated patch of street” “An elderly customer came in today with a McDonald’s VIP card.”

8 Hilarious Desktop Wallpapers That Were Very Well Thought

It’s amazing how the creativity of some people seems to have absolutely no boundaries! Even a minor detail such as a desktop wallpaper can be turned into a masterpiece. Explorer is terrifying. Organization skills — level 90 Durden knows what’s important. This desktop is cosmic: Three-pointer! What could possibly be in this folder? I’ll just … Read more

Photographer Makes Magic Without a Studio And We’re Compelled to Admire His Talent

Capturing a truly mesmerizing photograph involves various approaches. While some photographers rely on advanced cameras, others seek out picturesque locations, and a few focus on perfecting angles and lighting. Yet, for Nigerian photographer Ibor Edosa Victor, an exceptional photo transcends the environment—it’s about his unique perspective and his ability to leverage his surroundings.