Diver Comes Face-to-Face With A Giant 7 Meter Long Anaconda

When confronted by a massive serpent playfully touching the camera lens with its tongue, most would likely opt to exit the water immediately. However, Bartolomeo Bove, a professional diver and underwater videographer specializing in sharks, held a different perspective.

During the month of July, Bove embarked on a journey spanning considerable distances to engage in an aquatic interaction with none other than the largest known living snake—the green anaconda.

Bartolomeo Bove, accompanied by his companion Juca Ygarape, engaged in a diving expedition within Brazil’s Formoso River. This excursion led them to an unexpected encounter with the imposing Green Anaconda.

In the video recording, the colossal snake, measuring an impressive seven meters (approximately 23 feet) in length, reclines on the riverbed. Subsequent frames depict the reptile turning directly toward the camera, extending its tongue in a characteristic flicking motion.

Weighing in at 90 kilograms, the snake proceeds to gracefully retreat, slithering away from Bove, who maintains a firm grasp on the camera. Instead of resorting to panicked departure—an understandable reaction for many—Bove chooses an alternative approach. He chooses to pursue the snake’s movement, displaying a resolute determination to capture enhanced footage of this monumental reptilian specimen.