Incredible Resemblance: Striped Icebergs in Antarctica Bear Striking Similarity to Candy

Icebergs are created through the process of large chunks of ice breaking off from glaciers or ice shelves and floating freely in open water. These ice formations are made up of pure freshwater that has accumulated over thousands of years from snowfall on the Antarctic continent. When these floating blocks of freshwater ice come into contact with the salty seawater beneath them, interactions occur.

Photo: Oyvind Tangen

Striped icebergs, on the other hand, form when powerful ocean currents draw seawater deep beneath ice shelves. As this water is cooled and freezes to the base of the ice shelf, a new layer of ice is created. Unlike the previous ice formed from freshwater, this new ice is derived from seawater containing organic matter and minerals. Consequently, it possesses a range of colors and textures. Over time, as wind and waves cause the icebergs to break into smaller pieces, the distinct colored layers can create stunning patterns.

Photo: jaisril

These captivating images provide evidence of the existence of striped icebergs in various colors such as brown, black, yellow, and blue, which have been observed in the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica. These icebergs are undeniably awe-inspiring.

Photo: joelmbenge
Photo: hazy-daisy
Photo: VinceHuang
Photo: Dell’s Pics