Indian Photographer Captures Remarkable Close-Up Shots With His Phone

Many often claim that the most effective camera is the one you carry with you. A young photographer from India is garnering admiration online for his stunning close-up shots of insects, all captured solely with a smartphone.

Sasi Kumar, a 20-year-old university student residing in Vellore, India, is an amateur photographer who pursues this passion in his leisure time. His fervor lies in venturing into the fields surrounding his city, capturing the concealed universe of insects that many simply overlook as they pass by.

Here are some of his best macro shots so far:

A blow fly. Photo by Sasi Kumar.
An ant drinks from a water droplet. Photo by Sasi Kumar.
A robber fly also known as the assassin fly. Photo by Sasi Kumar.
A red bug. Photo by Sasi Kumar.