6 Times Teachers Took Cheating Prevention To A Whole New Level

As students become more and more cunning with their cheating skills, some teachers feel the need to make prevention another level. For some, these examples may seem a little extreme, however, we can all probably agree that the majority of these efforts seem hilarious. Prohibiting cellphones Anti-cheating boxes Diligent supervision Horse blinder-like hats Anti-cheating folders … Read more

5 Lesser Known Facts That Might Save Your Life

Below are some crucial pieces of information you probably had no idea would prove to be so important during an emergency. 5. You can ask Siri to call an ambulance for you in an emergency. 4. Do not eat snow no matter how desperate you are for water. In a scenario where you are stuck in the woods and surrounded by snow, you might be desperate to … Read more

7 Things From Japan That Should Be Common Everywhere

Japan is an amazing country with a beautiful natural environment and a unique culture. Its people are also very inventive and love to create things you won’t find anywhere else. Flight Delayed In Japan. Airline Employees Bow To The Passengers To Apologise Most Organized Luggage Pickup You’ll Ever See. All Upright With Handle Facing Outward … Read more