7 People Who Used Ordinary Things In A Totally Brilliant And Different Way

“I couldn’t find any washers that would fit over the heads of screws, so, yep.” An ordinary cheese grater is a great solution for storing jewelry. LEGO piece as a cable or key holder. Your car spoiler can also be used as a picnic table. This is genius! “My mom and sisters’ attempt at providing air conditioning in the back for … Read more

Photographer Shows How Becoming A Mother Changes You By Capturing Before And After Photos

Being a mother is one of the biggest responsibility one can bestow upon themselves, so it’s no wonder that becoming one can change you physically and psychologically. To highlight this change, Lithuanian photographer Vaida Razmislavičė created a project called “Becoming a mother” where she photographed women before and after becoming mothers. More info: vaidaphoto.com | Facebook | Instagram 1. 2. … Read more

Photographer Tracks 1960s Postcards Locations To See How Much They Have Changed

Pablo Iglesias Maurer is an extremely talented photographer. One day he noticed a matchbook from decades ago. As he opened it up, there was a postcard-like picture on it, of a resort complex built in the 1960s. It got Pablo wondering how the then famous landmark looked now. Since then, Pablo was addicted. He ordered more ’60s … Read more

6 Side-By-Side Photos Of Real Life People And Their Movie Counterparts

Don Shirley Played By Mahershala Ali In Green Book (2018) Leonhard Seppala Played By Willem Dafoe In Togo (2019) Yossi Ghinsberg Played By Daniel Radcliffe In Jungle (2017) Aron Ralston Played By James Franco In 127 Hours (2010) Hugh Glass Played By Leonardo Dicaprio In The Revenant (2015) Christopher Mccandless Played By Emil Hirsch In … Read more

Remarkable Fossils Dating Back 280 Million Years Uncovered in Western Australia

An image that recently gained widespread attention on social media features remarkably well-preserved fossils belonging to a marine creature that thrived 280 million years ago. So, what precisely was this enigmatic creature? These fossils are none other than those of Jimbacrinus crinoids, commonly known as sea lilies, and they were unearthed in Western Australia. These … Read more