8 Photos Showing How Different Pets See The World

Have you ever wondered how animals see the world around them? Well, Home Advisor has created a project just to answer that question. They have scoured the latest scientific research to discover and visualize how animals see. This is how humans see Dogs Cats Goldfish Snakes Spiders Parrots Chameleons

9 Times People Had To Accept That Their Cat Was “Broken”

“Genuinely, I’m not sure what Toast is doing.” “Yes, he’s sleeping.” “I think my cat has picked up on my limp wrist.” “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?” “Meet Charlie.” “He’s about to speak Italian.” “My kitten stole a glove she found in another room, tried to climb the scratching post, and dropped it.” “Without fail, every time we empty the dishwasher, she jumps … Read more

Camera Captures Adoring Eagle Doing Everything He Can To Please His Wife

In the lofty heights of Big Bear Valley, California, a majestic eagle named Jackie gracefully returned to her nest, closely followed by her partner, Shadow. This devoted eagle pair, experienced parents, seemed poised to prepare their nest, possibly in anticipation of a new clutch of eggs. On this particular afternoon, Shadow had successfully secured himself … Read more