10 “Street Smart” Tips That Might Be Helpful At Times

1. Street smarts to give your kids: if you get lost, find the closest adult with.

I saw this in action once at Disneyland when a 4 year old kid approached me and my kiddos while we were eating. She joined us very calmly, introduced herself, and said her parents gave her the above advice. I heard her parents shouting her name not long after, and the relief on their faces was a sight.

2. If I’m in an unfamiliar city, I’ll explore freely every neighbourhood as long as there are women and kids around. Most mums don’t hang outside with their kids if the street/area is unsafe.

3. Adults DO NOT ask children for help.

4. If the situation doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. Trust your spidey sense.

5. Walk fast and look pissed off.

6. If you have a random cop come to your house on The night before you leave for Europe with your family, don’t tell him your going away until you call his superior to make sure he’s a cop.

7. If a group of people suddenly get down, so do you.

8. Having good manners, and speaking with respect, will keep you from getting in trouble you didn’t know was there.

9. Lock your doors as soon as you’re in your car

10. If you’re driving and hit black ice just take foot OFF GAS BUT DON’T BREAK until the slide stops.