Photographer Documents Bears Engaged in Kung-Fu Fighting

While photographing amidst the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness, Kristi Odom, the accomplished photographer, managed to capture an extraordinary moment featuring two bears engaged in a kung fu-style altercation.

Kristi Odom, based in Longmont, Colorado, is a photographer and filmmaker of repute. She holds the distinction of being a Nikon Ambassador and an Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Her prowess extends to motivational speaking. Odom’s creative endeavors are centered around fostering an emotional bond between individuals and animals, as well as celebrating those who share a deep connection with the natural realm.

“The tide was low, and our guide brought us out,” Odom tells PetaPixel. “The sun was over our shoulders, putting this golden light onto the bears, then they took off and ran to the other side so that the light was behind them.

“I got really excited because I love silhouettes; there is so much mode in shape. So, I exposed for the background and couldn’t help but snap away.

“I like this photo because it reflects how I felt when I was there watching the bears. Even though the bears were fighting, it seemed a bit like a dance to me, on a stage of glitter. Usually, shots of bears fighting show intensity; that isn’t what I saw or felt. I felt something softer and more graceful.”