Adorable Lion Cub Joins Photographer To Assistant Him In Taking Pictures

A wildlife photographer’s thrilling adventures in the desert led to an unexpected partnership as he acquired an adorable assistant. A heartwarming video featuring the photographer and a charming lion cub has gone viral on social media, garnering immense attention. The footage portrays the photographer reclining on the sandy terrain, holding a camera in his hand. Interestingly, the wild creature is seen comfortably settled on a nearby chair. Despite the dangerously close proximity, both individuals appear at ease, exhibiting a remarkable sense of comfort in each other’s presence.

Based in Ghardaïa, Algeria, Djamel Hadj Aissa is a dedicated wildlife photographer and independent photojournalist. With a significant following on Instagram, he captivates his audience by showcasing stunning photographs of various wildlife species, including snakes, birds, and primates. His account serves as a platform to share the breathtaking images he has captured.

According to The Epoch Times, Djamel, belonging to a notable Algerian family, has connections to the establishment of the first private zoo in Algeria. Presently, his family owns six zoos spread across six different cities within the North African country.

During his expedition, Djamel accompanied a lion cub that had been born and raised in his own backyard.

“As it was the first time for her, she sat on my chair and observed what I was doing,” Djamel told The Epoch Times. “My nephew Fayçal took the opportunity to take pictures and videos of us at this incredible moment. Seeing our position and us gazing together in the same direction, the public loved the photo.”