Photographer Re-Creates 100 Years Old Pictures To Show How Much Things Have Changed

Photographer Casper Molenaar decided to rephotograph the photos captured by German photographer Kurt Hielscher (1881-1948).

Kurt Hielscher was an interbellum period photographer who has managed to capture some of the most interesting objects in Europe before WWII

City Gate, Trogir, Croatia, 1926 vs. The 24th Of April 2019

Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy, 1925 vs. 2016

Bled, Slovenia, 1926 vs. 2018

Ponte Dei Sospiri, The Bridge Of Sighs In Venice, Italy, 1925 vs. 2018

Limburg An Der Lahn, Germany, 1924 vs. 2019

Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Andalucía, Spain, 1914-’16 vs. 2019

Quedlinburg, Germany, 1924 vs. 2020