Photographer Spots Astronauts Conducting Spacewalk Outside the ISS from the Surface of the Earth

During a recent spacewalk for repairs and maintenance on the International Space Station (ISS), two astronauts ventured outside the structure. Dr. Sebastian Voltmer, an astrophotographer residing in Sankt Wendel, Germany, managed to capture images of the astronauts from his own backyard.

Coincidentally, Matthias Maurer, one of the two astronauts involved in the spacewalk, hails from the same town as Dr. Voltmer. Dr. Voltmer took it upon himself to document the first spacewalk of the ESA astronaut, not just from Earth, but also from Maurer’s hometown. Through the use of a potent telescope and a robotically operated mount, he achieved this feat.

In a video released a few days before the scheduled spacewalk, Dr. Voltmer detailed the process he employed to track and photograph the ISS.