Photoshop Master Transforms 50-Year-Old Photo Into A Modern Portrait

An anonymous digital artist creates impressive transformations of old black and white photos, reimagining them as enhanced, colorized portraits that look like they were taken in modern times.

The artist, who goes by IDoArtForYou on Reddit, recently wowed the internet with the before-and-after above showing the result of his colorization work in a photo of a woman from around half a century ago.

“The original photo was posted on the r/restoration subreddit where anyone can post a photo and hope it gets restored by someone in the community,” IDoArtForYou said. PetaPixel. “It was posted a few days ago by a guy who wanted someone to improve it so he could use it as a reference to draw the picture as a gift to a friend of his who is cooking for them. This lady in the photo is the pastry chef’s mother.

“The photo was taken in 1953 in Ireland.”

Some members of the community tried their hand at restoring the photo, but IDoArtForYou wasn’t impressed with the results, so he decided to try it himself.

A previous colorization project, IDoArtForYou, offers a behind-the-scenes look at its process. The monochrome photo was off center and had physical damage to the print.