Scientists Are Going To Build A “Black Box” That Will Record The End Of Civilization

Soon, there will be a black box on Earth recording our self-destruction. Based in Australia, the indestructible monolith will collect information about the fall of civilization, to help potential future inhabitants.

The indestructible “black box” is to be built on a granite plain on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia. Its mission: to record “every step we take” towards climate catastrophe, providing a record for future civilizations to understand what caused our demise, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The project is a collaboration between researchers at the University of Tasmania, marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, and creative agency The Glue Society. 

The box itself will be made of three-inch-thick steel and cantilevered over granite. Inside will be a system of internet-connected storage drives powered by solar panels on the roof of the box.

“It’s built to outlive us all,” Jonathan Kneebone, cofounder of the Glue Society, told ABC. “If the worst does happen, just because the power grids go down, this thing will still be there.”