Tennessee Zoo Welcomes Birth Of World’s Only Spotless Giraffe, Public Asked To Help Name Her

In an unlikely scenario, a Tennessee zoo has witnessed one of the rarest occurrences in the animal kingdom: the birth of a giraffe that stands as possibly the only individual of its kind globally. Born on July 31st, this female giraffe boasts a singularly uniform brown hue, distinct from the characteristic patched pattern and the renowned elongated necks associated with giraffes. Currently measuring 6 feet in height, the giraffe is under the attentive care of both her mother and the zoo’s staff at Brights Zoo.

This exceptional giraffe is believed to be an extraordinary phenomenon, considering the infrequent instances in which giraffes are born without their customary mottled appearance—a feature that primarily aids in camouflage within their natural habitat.

Moreover, beneath these patches lies a network of blood vessels that enable giraffes to release heat through the center of each patch, thus serving as a means of thermal regulation.

The zoo has initiated a contest, inviting the public to suggest a name for the novel giraffe. The proposed options for consideration include Kipekee, signifying “unique” in Swahili; Firayali, translating to “unusual”; Shakiri, meaning “she is most beautiful”; and Jamella, denoting “one of great beauty.”