The “Perfect” Man And Woman According To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has unveiled its perception of the perfect man and woman by identifying an “ideal body type.”

The researchers prompted AI groups to create the “perfect” specimen, and these human clones were formed using engagement analytics from social media, where AI tools analyzed billions of images featuring “beautiful people.” The Bulimia Project, an eating disorder charity, closely monitored the findings.

According to the team’s findings, approximately 40 percent of the AI-generated images showcased unrealistic body types, with a slightly higher prevalence among men compared to women. Furthermore, a striking 53 percent of the images portrayed individuals with olive skin tones, and 37 percent of the generated people exhibited blonde hair.

The study revealed that the most desirable women possessed features such as blonde hair, olive skin, brown eyes, and slender figures. On the other hand, the ideal male was characterized by dark eyes, chiseled cheekbones, and well-defined muscles.