Time-Lapse Footage Shows Cigarettes Left In Soil For An Entire Year

A photographer decided to conduct an experiment involving three cigarettes placed inside a mason jar filled with soil, capturing the entire year-long transformation through a timelapse video.

“You guys really liked my in-soil timelapses, so I decided to do another one,” writes the photographer. “This time I put the cigarettes in a mason jar full of soil and left it in there for a whole year. Underground timelapse.”

The meticulously crafted video documents the swift deterioration of the initially pristine cigarette as it interacts with the soil. The process unfolds rapidly, with observable moisture and damage becoming apparent within a mere couple of hours. A mere eight hours later, the cigarette is fully saturated, and by the end of the initial day, it is already disintegrating.

To witness the complete year-long evolution, watch the video provided below.