To See This Illusion, You Have to Shake Your Head

Hence, simply give your head a gentle shake! (moving it from side to side while fixating on the vertical lines)

Were you able to catch a glimpse of him?

If you wish to steer clear of a headache or are situated in a workplace where you’d rather not appear eccentric to your coworkers, there exist numerous alternative techniques for observing these illusions.

If you’re using a mobile device, naturally, you can also give it a gentle shake. However, this action might still pique the curiosity of those around you.

An option worth considering involves shifting the image on your screen to and fro. This approach emulates the desired movement effect without causing any physical discomfort.

If the aforementioned methods don’t yield the desired result, attempting to zoom out on the image could prove beneficial. By observing a downsized version of the picture, the subject should become more visible.

Now, let’s proceed to explore more illusions. Can you identify who is concealed within the images?